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Purify Skin Therapy's Essential Oils are

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Why Purify Skin Therapy?

Of course Purify Skin Therapy's essential oils are 100% pure, natural, carefully extracted oils with no adulterants, extenders, and no fillers. The thing that really sets these oils apart is that they are USDA Certified Organic & Wildcrafted. These oils are a cleaner, stronger, higher grade of oils than most people are used to. People who smell our oils compared to any other brand are always impressed with the purity and potency of Purify Skin Therapy's essential oils. When you use a higher grade of organic essential oils you can use less and get even better results.

“You must obtain an organic certification for citrus oils if they are to be used internally at all.”
-Dr. Jean Valnet, French Medical Doctor, World Famous Aromatherapist

“Organic plants are grown without the use of chemicals. When taking oils internally, it is important to use only those of certified organic quality.”
-Shirley Price, English Aromatherapist

Purify Skin Therapy Essential Oils are:

  • USDA certified organic essential oils

  • Wildcrafted essential oils

    • These are the two highest quality and purest forms of essential oils available

  • 100% pure

  • Premium Therapeutic grade

  • The botanical purity of these essential oils is unsurpassed

  • Unadulterated and unaltered in any way

  • These are the natural, genuine and authentic essential oils you’ve been looking for

  • These are the highest grade essential oils you want to be using on and in your body, not the cheap ones you use for cleaning

  • GC/MS Tested to ensure quality

  • We use only cobalt blue glass bottles to better protect these pristine oils

  • Our oils are all sourced by a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist who hand selects only superior quality organic and wildcrafted essential oils for our customers

If you use essential oils you want to be sure that they are organic because essential oils contain such concentrated phytochemicals. You do not want to risk there being concentrated pesticides and herbicides in there too. The ONLY way to be sure you're using toxin free oils is if your oils are USDA certified organic. This means the essential oils have been verified that they really are organic by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Purify Skin Therapy's essential oils are USDA Certified Organic & Wildcrafted, they are superior quality essential oils. The essential oils we carry aren't just any organic oils, they are the highest quality organic premium grade essential oils for Aromatherapy available. Try them, we believe with one smell you will see the difference! Purify Skin Therapy's essential oils are USDA certified organic by OTCO.


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Why You Should be Using Organic Essential Oils:

1. Using certified organic products limits your exposure to pesticides, insecticides, larvicides, biocides, artificial chemical fertilizers, toxic chemicals and other harmful chemicals. When you use topical applications of essential oils, your skin, which is the largest organ in your body is soaking up those chemicals you are putting on it.

2. When you buy organic products, you are doing your part in reducing the amount of pesticides, insecticides, larvicides, and other toxic biocides used on our planet and mother earth.

3. When you support organic products you also preserve our ecosystem. Chemical abstinence in farming preserves and protects wildlife, insects, frogs, birds, worms, and other soil organisms so they can play their part in the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

4. Plants grown without pesticides insecticides, larvicides, biocides, artificial chemical fertilizers, and toxic chemicals are much healthier. Their vibrational qualities are much stronger making them more therapeutic and excellent for healing. Essential oils for therapeutic use and healing should be certified organic or wildcrafted which are unsprayed plants.

5. When you buy certified organic essential oils you are assured that they come from non GMO plants.

6. Certified organic essential oils are not tested on animals.

Every essential oil and carrier oil listed as certified organic on our website started from non GMO seeds, has been grown, harvested, distilled, and handled without pesticides, insecticides, larvicides, biocides, artificial chemical fertilizers, toxic chemicals, sewage sludge (aka biosolids), other harmful chemicals, and irradiation according to the USDA NOP standards and is USDA certified.

We have developed relationships with farms, small distillers, and certified suppliers around the globe who are dedicated to producing clean, sustainable, organic products. We work with them to bring you the highest quality USDA certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils. Purify Skin Therapy is your source for superior quality pristine organic essential oils.

Certified Aromatherapist

Purify Skin Therapy's essential oils are sourced by Certified Aromatherapist, Holly Draper. She has been studying essential oils and aromatherapy for over 14 years and is also the formulator of Purify Skin Therapy's essential oil blends. Because Holly is passionate about safe, age appropriate aromatherapy she has formulated blends that are powerful, effective, and safe for babies, kids, and adults. Purify Skin Therapy is the only essential oil company to have an age appropriate line for kids and a safe and age appropriate line of oil blends just for babies.

When Holly started out well over a decade ago, she was using lower grade oils from a different company thinking they were the best ones. Over the years, and through her accredited Aromatherapy studies, she has learned about the different grades and different qualities there are of essential oils. She knows it can be confusing to navigate the tricky and sometimes deceiving marketing when it comes to essential oils. So she has made it easy for you. When you purchase Purify Skin Therapy's essential oils you are using the same superior quality USDA certified organic & wildcrafted essential oils Certified Aromatherapists use, Holly personally hand selects these essential oils for you and she's incredibly picky about the oils she uses now.

We understand that people jump in with a passion to learning about aromatherapy, just like Holly did, and we applaud that. We hope you're open to trying something new, something that could possibly be better than what you're used to. So jump in and give Purify's 100% pure, premium grade, USDA certified organic & wildcrafted essential oils a try. We here at Purify Skin Therapy believe with just one smell you too will see the difference.

“Hands down the best essential oils I’ve ever used!” -Jared, Health Food Store Owner

“The quality of the essential oils from Purify Skin Therapy is amazing. I have used these oils to address acne, migraines, infection, burns, and hormone imbalance. They are very effective and of the highest quality. When I compare them to the oils from a competing company, the difference is so apparent. These are great oils!” -Patrice

“I have been an energy medicine practicioner for over 15 years. In all of that time I never was able to use oils because the vibrational frequency didn't match the resonance of what my clients need. However, 2 years ago when I found Purify Skin Therapy's oils that world changed. And with the introduction of their Chakra oils that healing capacity has increased exponentially. Thank you for bringing such a high quality and high frequency products to the world of healing!" -Susan

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Skin Care

Holly Draper started this company on a very clean and "green" line of skin care she formulated, hence the name Purify "Skin Therapy". Years ago while she was formulating a completely pure and clean anti-aging skin care products for herself, she learned a lot about ingredients and chemicals commonly used in skin care.

She didn't want to use any of those cheap synthetic chemicals or ingredients, not even synthetic preservatives. She is against any cheap fillers, alcohols, or waxes of any kind in good clean skin care. The skin care she developed is very clean with no alcohols, waxes, synthetic ingredients, or synthetic preservatives. If you love your beautiful natural skin, then you'll agree clean 100% natural skincare is the way to go.

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