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Purify Skin Therapy is one of the incredibly rare companies founded by a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Holly Draper. We bring you the highest grade, cleanest, certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils. We work with farmers and distillers all over the world who are dedicated to clean, certified organic, and sustainable wildcrafting practices.


Holly has over 600 hours of accredited aromatherapy training, and 14 years of experience. She is an Internationally Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, an Internationally Registered Aromatherapist, an energy practitioner, an herbalist, a kinesiologist, and a mother of four. She is highly trained in correct, safe, and age-appropriate aromatherapy.


Holly is constantly teaching free classes, has free webinars available here, and wants to educate people on the correct and safe use of aromatherapy.


Holly is supremely picky about the essential oils she sources now, and has been trained how to distinguish the higher quality oils from the lower grade ones. Purify Skin Therapy only carries the two highest grades of essential oils: USDA certified organic and wildcrafted. But we don't stop there. We only use superior quality organic and wildcrafted essential oils. All of our oils go through stringent testing which includes GC/MS, Optical Rotation, Organoliptic, and Taste.


We have found you the cleanest, purest, most potent essential Mother Nature has to offer anywhere on the planet. Try them yourself and we know you will see the difference.


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