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The Top 10 Most Toxic Chemicals Commonly Found in Skin Care
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"I love Purify Skin Therapy's products! They smell amazing...or dare I say Heavenly! I LOVE all of the pure essential oils in your products. I could feel a new softness in my skin after just 2 nights use, and now my skin has never felt better! It looks fantastic and is very healthy. Thank you for such PURE products! I love Purify Skin Therapy! The Tangerine Blast Toner and Night Time Rejuvenating Serum are my FAVORITE items! The Tangerine Blast Toner not only tightens my skin and pores but the natural smell is uplifting and GLORIOUS!" ~Rebecca, Utah

"I have extremely sensitive, very dry skin. I have to use only "gentle", "hypoallergenic", or "dermatologist tested" products. The last few years I have had significant rosacea. I decided to give Purify Skin Therapy's products a try. Within TWO DAYS my rosacea had completely cleared up.
My skin looks amazing now - no redness at all. I haven't used anything on my face but Purify Skin Therapy's products, and wouldn't consider using anything else!" ~Annette