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USDA Certified Organic and Wildcrafted Essential Oil Singles

Essential oils are highly concentrated, so you must be sure that they are without impurities and pesticides. The best way to ensure essential oils are truly clean from toxic residues is to make sure they are USDA certified organic. If essential oils are not USDA certified organic or wildcrafted, then they are conventionally grown. Conventionally grown means that they are grown with lots of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, larvicides, and harsh chemical fertilizers - sprayed on them often. Non organic essential oils (also called conventional essential oils) are lower grade and are nowhere near as clean as organic ones - they contain thousands times more harmful and toxic chemicals! The toxic residues they contain from conventional farming and spraying will become concentrated through the distillation process and are found in nonorganic essential oils. Purify Skin Therapy carries only the highest grade USDA certified organic and wildcrafted essential oils to ensure you are getting only the cleanest, toxin-free essential oils possible.

It's super easy to tell a REAL organic essential oil from a NON organic (conventional) essential oil. Just look right on the label. If the USDA organic seal is on the label on the bottle, then that is an organic essential oil. If the USDA organic seal is not on the label then it is NOT an organic essential oil, no matter what claims of purity they may claim - if the USDA seal is not on the label, then that is not an organic essential oil - it's conventional and contains very toxic and harsh pesticides. It's not even in the highest quality category for essential oils.

Our 100% pure, premium therapeutic grade, USDA certified organic essential and aromatherapy oils are hand bottled in cobalt blue bottles to eliminate the cross contamination of machine bottling of large companies, and to protect our top quality organic products from UV rays that can decrease their effectiveness.

Purify's USDA certified organic single oils and wildcrafted essential oils are 100% pure, never altered, and authentic. Our all-natural aromatherapy essential oils includes a huge selection and all your favorite essential oils like: Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Chamomile, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Jasmine. All orders over $100 get free shipping!

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