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Pure Essential Oil Blends Online

Essential oils are the concentrated essence of their original form. You'll discover numerous plant ingredients when you explore our wildcrafted and organic essential oil blends. Each bottle holds a different mixture of oils that are expertly created by our in-house Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Master Blender. From cypress to eucalyptus, these plants form an oil that only benefits your skin over time.

It's important to pick only the best essential oil blends. Without that organic or wildcrafted designation, you might have a product with toxins that react poorly with your skin. Our aromatherapy oil blends come with transparent, ingredient lists. You'll also find pure essential oil blends online that are geared toward a certain purpose. Use the oils to repel insects or for your baby's delicate skin. When you buy essential oil blends, choose several products to round out your collection. Improve your mood or get rid of that headache for good. Every oil has its place on your body!

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Why Purify Skin Therapy's Essential Oil Blends Are Better:

  1. Our blends are carefully formulated by Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Master Blender, Holly Draper
  2. Our blends are all made from our premium grade USDA certified organic & wildcrafted essential oils that we sell as our single oils, we do not use cheaper lesser grade oils in our blends like most other companies do
  3. Our blends are handmade in small batches to maintain the highest quality and freshness
  4. Our blends are poured by hand to prevent any cross cross-contamination that happens in machine bottling
  5. We use only cobalt blue glass bottles which better protect your pristine essential oil blends