Affiliate Program
Make money by telling people about us�

Our unique affiliate program allows you to generate an income, with little work by you. We have developed the tools you need to be successful.

1. You can earn 6% of all sales you generate through referrals from your website.
2. We require our affiliates to have a website or a blog where they will put the Purify Skin Therapy affiliate banner link to link to our website.
3. Once you sign up as an affiliate you will receive your own unique affiliate banner link. The affiliate banner links we provide for you will already have your unique link embedded. It's super simple to just copy and paste your affiliate banner link onto your website. Your unique affiliate banner link will automatically track all sales you generate (anyone who clicks on the Purify Skin Therapy banner link on your website and buys oils on our website). All those sales will be tracked and you will earn a 6% commission on those sales you generate.
4. Your referrals will only provide you with commission if they click on your affiliate banner link. There is no other way to track affiliate commission.
5. Your unique affiliate banner link will track purchases (and remember your referrals for 30 days in case they don't purchase immediately)...all done automatically.
6. The 6% commission does not apply to your own personal orders, but we are happy to reward you for any referral business you bring to us.
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