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Capsules, Vegetarian

Vegetarian Capsules, All Natural, Kosher, non GMO, Preservative Free. No corn, soy, gluten, wheat, or animal products.

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100 count bag
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Vegetarian all natural capsules make it simple to take essential oils internally. Add 1 to 3 drops of Purify Skin Therapy's certified organic essential oils into an empty capsule and fill the rest of the capsule up with organic extra virgin olive oil. Put the lid on and roll between your hands to mix, then swallow like a pill. Even though these capsules are designed to hold liquid, they will dissolve in a couple of minutes after being filled, especially if the contents contains essential oils. It is recommended to fill the capsule immediately before ingesting them for best results.

It is important when ingesting essential oils, to make sure they are certified organic. You do not want to be ingesting non organic essential oils that contain toxic pesticide residue in them. To make sure your essential oils are organic ensure the USDA seal is right on the label of every bottle, or that the word 'wildcrafted' is on the label. If the USDA organic seal is not right on the label, then that is not an organic oil - no matter what the company may tell you. Truly organic essential oil have the USDA seal on the labels.
This is why Purify Skin Therapy TM carries ONLY USDA certified organic & wildcrafted essential oils. So you are sure the essential oils you are using and ingesting are clean and pure.

Ingredients: Our all natural vegetarian capsules are made from pure vegetable cellulose derived from pine or poplar trees and purified water. These 100% vegetarian capsules are Kosher and hypoallergenic.

NO synthetic preservatives
NO synthetic chemicals of any kind
NO corn
NO soy
NO gluten
NO gelatin
NO starches
NO wheat
NO animal products
NO animal by-products
NO plastics
NO polymers

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